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Chris Liebing on Mental Health in Music, Trusting Your Instincts, and His Game-Changing New Album

When you’ve spent over 20 years at the top of your profession, it must be hard to find new ways to challenge yourself. A true superstar of the German techno scene, Chris Liebing is one of the most in-demand DJs in the world.

But instead of resting on his live show, Liebing ventured into the new ground to create by far his most cohesive and compelling album to date. Burn Slow sees him steering an enviable group of artists into the dark and cerebral territory.

We caught up with the techno legend and asked him about everything from the album as an art form to an artist’s responsibility to their fans, to how he plans on integrating his new music into his live show and to see just where his head’s at in the wake of releasing his game-changing record. 

First off, congrats on the album. It’s not really what I was expecting and I’m sure you’ll get that quite a lot but I’ve been listening to it on repeat.

Chris Liebing: Nice! That’s great to hear because that’s basically what it was intended for. Not necessarily on repeat, that’s a nice bonus, but basically listening to it from beginning to the end sort of thing.

It’s already exceeded my expectations because I really never expected that anyone would take the time to listen to an album from the beginning to end but apparently a lot of people still do. It’s great to hear.

Yeah, people have been talking about the death of the album since Napster, but I just haven’t seen that. What I’ve seen really is people doubling down on the album experience.

That is the first time I’ve heard that from someone, what you just said. I didn’t really realize that. You’re probably talking to more people than I am about things like this but I grew up with the album listening experience and I think the album format is just such an important format.

When I was sitting on this album I definitely put down my expectations of people actually listening in full. In these modern times, everything needs to be so quick, and every video on YouTube should only be like three minutes because nobody’s looking for anything that’s longer.

I thought this is kind of like something that is really out of fashion, so it’s really nice to hear what you just said that people are doubling down on it, that’s great.

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